Toby Thurston's pages

OSGB modules

I maintain two open-source software modules that provide high-precision conversion of OSGB grid references to and from latitude and longitude. Both modules are (now) based on the OSTN15 transformation data released in 2016. They will convert between latitude and longitude that you read from your GPS handset and grid references. They are accurate to about +/- 1mm in a round trip.

Index pages for Ordnance Survey maps

These index maps were produced using the freely available "Miniscale" map from the Ordance Survey as the base map, and my Perl module. You can find a comprehensive catalogue of these maps (and many more) on Les Watson's map site.

Click on the maps for the full resolution versions (about 15M bytes each).
Landranger 1:50000 seriesExplorer 1:25000 seriesOld One-Inch Seventh Series 1:63360
An index of the OS Landranger maps An index of the OS Explorer maps An index of the OS One Inch maps

Munro diary

I have been climbing hills in Scotland many years, here is a diary of my walks in case you'd like to see how they went.

Drawing with Metapost

A work-in-progress on producing TeX-friendly mathematical and technical drawings. For details, see this PDF file.